Picture books for students who need guidance and help with emotions & feelings, behavior, relationships, anger, frustration, temper, quarreling, fighting, or tantrums.

Picture Books

Peace, baby! by Linda Ashman
Simple rhyming text encourages children to set aside anger and irritation and find peace within themselves, and with the world.

When Sophie gets angry—really, really angry… by Molly Bang
When Sophie gets angry, she goes outside and runs, cries, climbs her favorite tree--and then, calmed by the breeze, she is soon ready to go back home.

Sam’s pet temper by Sangeeta Bhadra
Sam is initially fond of his pet Temper, but the creature becomes difficult to control.

Howard B. Wigglebottom learns it’s ok to back away by Howard Binkow
Howard B. Wigglebottom learns a valuable lesson about anger and how to deal with it after being put in time-out during school for reacting negatively after not getting his way.

The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland
On a cold, rainy day in the jungle, four animal friends hide in a cave to play, but unexpectedly meet a very cranky bear trying to nap.

When two are angry at each other by Tor Age Bringsvaerd
An illustrated picture book that show children and adults what to do when they are angry at someone.

The boomerang by C. J. Connolly
Wil learns the principles of karma from a flea named T and the flea's cousin, Zed, who teach him that an angry action does not solve anything, while a peaceful effort can often have a helpful outcome.

I’m furious by Elizabeth Crary
Matt's mother offers some suggestions when he becomes furious at his little brother for spoiling a prized baseball card collection.

I feel angry by Kelly Doudna
Describes some things that can make you angry and ways to deal with these feelings.

The tiger who was angry by Rachel Elliot
When Tiger takes a race too seriously and gets very angry, his friends stay away from him and he feels lonely.

You get what you get by Julie Gassman
Melvin likes to throw a tantrum when he does not get what he wants, but he learns that the classroom rule, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" applies at home as well.

I hate everything! by Sue Graves
Sam hates when his brother cries or his dad is too busy to play. When he loses his place in "Musical Chairs," Sam cries, "I hate everything!" With the help of his aunt, Sam learns new ways to deal with his anger and feel better.

The gift box by Rohan Henry
Ollie becomes frustrated with his best friend Benjamin when, no matter how many clues Ollie gives him, Benjamin cannot figure out what Ollie's mother calls her son.

Kanga and anger by HoJeong Kim
Kanga the young kangaroo can get very angry when things do not go right, but after his mother teaches him various ways to control his temper, he is able to help his friend, Joey, with his anger.

When Miles got mad by Samantha Kurtzman-Counter
Miles learns how to deal with his anger when little brother Max breaks his toy airplane.

Caillou: sometimes moms get angry by Christine L’Heureux
When Caillou sees a mother in a store getting angry at her daughter when the girl does not do as she is told, he gets scared until his mother explains that even when parents sometimes lose their tempers, they do still love their children.

Andrew’s angry words by Dorothea Lachner
When his sister trips and sends all his toys flying, Andrew lets loose a lot of nasty angry words that start to spread from person to person creating trouble wherever they go.

No dessert forever! by George Ella Lyon
After she has an argument with her mother, a young girl imagines how she will act when she is an adult.

Princess Addison gets angry by Molly Martin
Princess Addison is angry because it is raining and she cannot go outside, but she knows what a princess does to control her emotions.

Remy the rhino learns patience by Andy McGuire
Remy is always mad, but when he gets his horn stuck in a tree he learns to be patient.

Percy gets upset by Stuart J. Murphy
Mommy and Daddy help their son calm down and feel better when situations during the day make him angry.

Amazing Mallika by Jami Parkinson
A tiger cub who lives in India's Ranthambhore Park wildlife preserve learns some ways to control her quick temper. Endpapers give factual information about India.

My little troublemaker by Thierry Robberecht
Best-behaved fairy at fairy school is having a bad day when Sabrina another fairy starts to act annoying, causing best-behaved fairy's little troublemaker to come out and cause mischief.

The day mother had a face like a teapot by Raquel Saiz
When a teapot falls from a table and breaks, Mark's mother is so angry that steam comes out of her nose like a dragon and her face begins to look like a teapot.

Mad at Mommy by Komako Sakai
A little rabbit is very angry at his mother, and he tells her the reasons why.

Anh’s anger by Gail Silver
When Anh becomes angry and says hurtful things, his grandfather tells him to go to his room and sit with his anger, which allows Anh to feel better.

Peas, love, and understanding—an adventure in sibling harmony by Gail Silver
Lily and her little sister Ruby are having a picnic when Ruby spoils their game of checkers. Lily lashes out but soon gets absorbed in a wonderful book, the story of her great grandfather's encounter with a strange looking frog-like creature called Anger. The precious old journal teaches Lily about Metta, a technique that has helped people transform anger into loving kindness for thousands of years.

When I feel angry by Cornelia Spelman
A little rabbit describes what makes her angry and the different ways she can control her anger.

The most magnificent thing by Ashley Spires
A little girl has a wonderful idea. With the help of her canine assistant, she is going to make the most magnificent thing! She knows just how it will look. She knows just how it will work. But making the most magnificent thing turns out to be harder than she thinks.

Desmond and the very mean word: a story of forgiveness by Desmond Tutu
While riding his new bicycle Desmond is hurt by the mean word yelled at him by a group of boys, but he soon learns that hurting back will not make him feel any better.

Mouse was mad by Linda Urban
Mouse struggles to find the right way to express his anger, modeling the behavior of Hare, Bear, Hedgehog, and Bobcat, only to discover that his own way may be the best way of all.

No presents please by Peter Whitfield
Angry, grumpy Grizzel Bear meets his match in Guru Walter Wombat, who dissolves Grizzel's anger by refusing to accept it.

How do dinosaurs say I’m mad? by Jane Yolen
Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might do when they are angry--and how they should control their tempers.

The angry little puffin by Timothy Young
A little puffin is very angry because he is constantly mistaken for a penguin, but with the help of a young girl, he learns to get over his anger.


Feeling angry by Helen Frost [152.4]
Simple text and illustrations describe what it like to feel angry, things that might cause anger, and how to handle the emotion.

What I look like when I am angry by Heidi Leigh Johansen [152.4]
Describes what different parts of the face look like when a person is angry.

I feel mad by Katie Kawa [152.4]
Text and illustrations describe the emotion of anger.

Everyone feels angry sometimes by Cari Meister [152.4]
Introduces ways people express their anger with illustrations that portray people in various situations, like when the dog chews up new shoes, and illustrates ways to overcome angry feelings.

Angry is—by Connie Colwell Miller [152.4]
Simple rhyming text and color photographs explore situations in which children feel angry.

Coping with anger by Pam Scheunemann [152.4]
Describes ways of coping with anger that help to maintain the peace.

Angry by Isabel Thomas [152.4]
Illustrations and simple text helps children to explore and understand their emotions, and describes different things that make people angry.

I don’t hit by Liz Lennon [395.1]
Tells about different reasons a child gets angry and why it is important not to hit.

That makes me mad!: a Toon book by Hilary Knight [741.5]
There are many, many things that make Nina mad, but she is glad to have such an understanding mom.