AMBIGUITY: Alternative reactions to the same piece of language; same expression conveys more than one meaning simultaneously.

Moon Bear by Asch
Jeremy’s Tail by Ball
Jim and the Beanstalk by Briggs
You Make the Angels Cry by Cazet
Mei Li by Handforth
Blackberries in the Dark by Jukes
Like Jake and Me by Jukes
How Do You Hide a Monster? by Kahl
Pinkerton, Behave! by Kellogg
Mole and Shrew Step Out by Koller
All the Lights in the Night by Levine
Elmer Bunt’s Open House by Novak
The Half-Birthday by Pomerantz
Monster Mama by Rosenberg
The Lost Lake by Say
Storm in the Night by Stolz
The Tapestry Cats by Turnbull
Nettie’s Trip South by Turner
The Golden Coin by Waldman
Florence and Eric Take the Cake by Wild
Albert’s Toothache by Williams
Princess by Wilsdorf
It Happened in Pinsk by Yorinks