Purpose: To provide the best book lists for librarians and teachers at point of need.

We continue to update lists as we come across additional quality titles. We also update lists as new titles become available from publishers. --Esther, Kim, Kari, and other contributors.


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Using these lists:

  • Feel free to use these lists without joining the wiki -- everyone has access to all of the lists.
  • You may link this wikispace to your library webpage so students and teachers can search the lists; you do not need to let us know, though we love to hear from you!
  • Use these lists as search practice for your students. Let them search your catalog and identify which titles on a list are in your library collection.
  • If a list is particularly helpful,
    • have students search your catalog and identify which titles are in your collection, then you can tag each of your titles with an identifying subject. OR
    • print the list, and have students search the catalog to identify the titles in your collection. If a title is in your collection, write the call number on the title list. Place the list in a location for easy access by students and teachers.
  • What are your ideas for using the lists?

How to Become a Contributor:

  • Do you have a title/author suggestion that could be added to one or more lists? ...or an idea for a list that's not included here? Email your suggestion to one of the organizers: Esther Eash ekeash@gmail.com , Kim Hopkins kim.hopkins@srisd.org , or Kari Worsham kworsham@dallasisd.org
  • OR click on "JOIN" in the upper right corner, and follow the directions to become an editing member. Please include a comment about why you'd like to join!
  • Thanks


Managing and editing lists:

  • Organizers: Create a new page for each separate list. Note: The new page title will default to the bottom of the list. You will have to click on "edit navigation" to move the page title to the appropriate alphabetical place on the list.
  • Managers: request new page from organizers
  • Alphabetize the list titles by authors' last names with consistent formatting (i.e., title in italics, etc---whatever has been done on the page).
  • Ignore leading articles when alphabetizing (a, an, the), but include them in the title.
  • At the very least, include the author's last name.
  • Place titles in appropriate section on page: easy picture books, juvenile, young adult.
  • For non-fiction, do not add call numbers. If you already have call numbers attached to a list, feel free to include them, but just be aware that call numbers may vary.
  • It is okay to include out-of-print titles.
  • Cite sources on the sources page.
  • If you see a spelling mistake, please correct it or notify one of the organizers