ALLITERATION: The repetition of an initial consonant sound, like “rough and ready” and “slowly slipping,” to establish mood.

In Window Eight, the Moon is Late by by Diane W. Allison
Old Hannibal and the Hurricane by Berthe Amoss
Animalia by Graeme Base
A My Name is Alice by Jane Bayer
Toad Sleeps Over by John Bianchi
Wild, Wild Sunflower Child by Nancy White Carlstrom
Winter Wren by Brock Cole
Mama, Papa, and Baby Joe by Nikki Daly
Snail Mail by Hazel Edwards
Dinorella by Pamela Duncan Edwards
Some Smug Slug by Pamela Duncan Edwards
In the Small, Small Pond by DeniseFleming
The Sun’s Day by Mordicai Gerstein
Accidental Zucchini: An Unexpected Alphabet by Max Grover
How Do You Hide a Monster? by Virginia Kahl
Plum Pudding for Christmas by Virginia Kahl
A You’re Adorable by Buddy Kaye
Aster Aardvark’s Alphabet Adventures by Steven Kellogg
Chicken Little by Steven Kellogg
From Acorn to Zoo and Everything in Between in Alphabetical Order by Satoshi Kitamura
Alison’s Zinnia by Arnold Lobel
Away From Home by Arnold Lobel
The Rose in My Garden by Arnold Lobel
Happy Hippototami by Bill Martin
The Patchwork Cat by William Mayne
A Pair of Protoceratops by Bernard Most
A Trio of Triceratops by Bernard Most
Axle Annie by Robin Pulver
Creepy Carrots! by Aaron Reynolds
Soup for Supper by Phyllis Root
Colors Around Us by Shelley Rotner
Busy Buzzing Bumblebees: and Other Tongue Twisters by Alvin Schwartz
Alligators All Around by Maurice Sendak
How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
Sheep on a Ship by Nancy Shaw
Sheep in a Shop by Nancy Shaw
Alpha Beta Chowder by William Steig
Shrek by William Steig
What's Under My Bed by James Stevenson
The Z Was Zapped by Chris Van Allsburg
The Voyage of the Ludgate Hill by Nancy Willard